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Monday, December 13, 2010

Craftbelly, Paper Parasol Press, Redux Fashions & Reuse First

Time for another round of vendor profiles! We'll kick this one off with Craftbelly decoupage picture frames.
Craftbelly Picture Frames

Craftbelly grew out of my obsession with handmade papers made around the world. The papers I use are usually either screen-printed or hand-painted, and I find beauty in the imperfections that each sheet carries. I decoupage them onto wooden frames and give them several coats of sealer to make it seem like they are painted right on. (I only wish I could paint like that!) For me, the joy of creating each frame starts with the repeated, almost mundane process of adhering the paper to the wood, where I get to use my hands and perfect my craft. But even though the process is the same for each one, I always get excited all over again when I finish a frame and take a good look at it. The joy continues when someone else gets excited about it too! I think they are an easy and funky way to add personality to your favorite photos and to your home.

We adore Craftbelly picture frames! Colorful, fun and a piece of art all on their own! These skillfully crafted pieces make a perfect gift for anyone who loves color and texture or needs a cheerful splash of color in their home.

Paper Parasol Press

Paper Parasol Press is an independent letterpress shop in Chicago - just a bike ride away from our home on scenic Ravenswood Avenue. The name coming from "parasolka" meaning umbrella in Polish and "parapluie" in French. I wanted to use a word similar to my backgrounds, being a first generation American, and Parasol seemed the right fit! All cards are individually printed by hand on a vintage Vandercook Universal I or a Chandler and Price New Series Press. yeah, she's a big girl, weighing in at a ton. We're old school like. At Paper Parasol we use paper and envelops that are 30-100% post consumer recycled.

Here at Paper Parasol Press we feel old fashioned acts of writing make for the best correspondence. Now, go write your heart out!

We love Paper Parasol's beautifully designed letterpressed cards and prints.  The cards are beautiful enough to put right in a frame and hang on the wall! We're sure you'll enjoy these cards and prints and might have a hard time letting them go! It's okay, just buy "one for you and one for me" style!

Redux Fashions

My work is made from all recycled materials.  I like to use everything from table cloths to t-shirts to school uniforms.  The majority of my work is tote bags with a fun, rock n' roll and nostalgia vibe.  I'm mostly inspired by the culture I grew up with in the 70's and 80's and the fanaticism I had for my "idols".  Also very inspiring to me is thrift stores, hence why I get all my fabric there.  I just love a place where you never know what amazing and unique stuff you are going to find! Truly inspiring!

We love that Redux Fashions reuses fabric for their funky bags! Surely you know someone who just can't get enough Prince or Joan Jett in their lives!

Reuse First

We collect cast off paper scraps from local printers and binders and reuse them in hand-bound journals/sketchbooks and greeting cards. All imagery is hand silkscreened onto the covers and backs of the cards and books. We also collect bottled from local bars that either don't recycle or choose to donate to us. We reuse the empty bottles by cutting them down and turning them into planters, funnels, change jars etc.  We also etch images and words onto some bottles.

Reuse First was born out of our strong distaste for today's throw-away society. Living in a big city where recycling is more of a joke than a way of life, we feel it is even more important to show people what we can create from every day waste. Our goal is to get people thinking and acting more resourcefully and responsibly.

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